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Kingfisher - PME Linear Switch

Kingfisher - PME Linear Switch
Kingfisher - PME Linear Switch
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Kingfisher - PME Linear Switch
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To accomodate the issue with the excess material in some bottom housings, we now offer 3 bonus switches with every 10 pack ordered. This means with the bonus switches  they are less than $0.37 per switch or $4.80 for 10 switches. 


The Kingfisher Switch is a brand new switch, inspired by the teals and greys found on the common Kingfisher birds. It features a fully PME top and bottom housing, with its a new proprietary material blend from the manufacturer Tecsee. It has a deeper, more thocky sound than traditional pc based blends. These are sold in packs of 10 + 3 bonus switches. 

  • Grey PME top and bottom housing
  • Teal POM Linear Stem
  • Longer pole on stem
  • 68g springs
  • 5pin pcb mount legs
  • Sold in packs of 10 + 3 bonus switches

Disclaimer: The manufacturer Tecsee has confirmed that the presence of some excess plastic shavings on the rail is a property of the PME Material with how it is currently formulated and affects somewhere around 25% of the switches.  It is not readily apparent when using the switch until you open it up and can be scraped off in most cases with the edge of a hard small surface (fingernail, small screwdriver, etc.) and it does not affect smoothness usually. Since this is a property of the material this means all PME switches that Tecsee manufacters will potentially have this issue until they refine the mixture which they are working on doing.

Kingfisher stock typing test, then at the end there are some comparisons against a stock jwk linear. This typing test was on a u80a hot swap pcb with brass plate



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