DCS Solarized Dark - Group Buy

$5.50 - $120.00
DCS Solarized Dark - Group Buy
DCS Solarized Dark - Group Buy
DCS Solarized Dark - Group Buy
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From the Designer: As someone who was a programmer for many years the IDE theme Solarized Dark has always been a favorite of mine and I am also a big fan of the feel and sound of DCS profile, so I set out to combine these two into the keyset DCS Solarized Dark.  While I know that there have been Solarized Dark themed keysets in other profiles (GMK, XA, DSS) previously, I have felt that none of them quite captured the IDE themes spirit completely for me.

The Backstory
Solarized Dark is an IDE theme variant of Solarized both created by Ethan Schoonover originally for VIM.  It has been ported to many IDE's over the years and features a teal base with grey text and a multitude of colors for syntax highlighting.  I really wanted to create a set that when I looked down at my keyboard, made me think immediately of the IDE theme. The biggest question I had was do I use custom colors or stock colors.  Now SP has a wide range of custom colors, that can get you very far, but could it get me far enough?  After sitting down, comparing the IDE to the SP sample chips, tweaking, and compiling the options, and talking to Ethan about what he thought of the colors, tweaking some more, getting more feedback, I feel that using stock colors would give a pretty fair representation of the IDE theme, while also creating the parameters of the project as "Solarized Dark in DCS profile using the SP Stock Colors as the Color Palette"

Designed by: Aiwanei

Manufacturer: Signature Plastics

Material: ABS

Profile: DCS Profile 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 4

Kits Available:

  • Base
  • Whitespace (Spacebars)
  • Relegendables
  • VIM Kit
  • Monomods
  • Classic Accent
  • Kingsize (10u) Spacebar
  • Ortho+Expanded 40s
  • International

Other Items:

  • Gateron SolDarks - Tactile Switch
  • Keybee Yin Yang Metal Keycap

Group Buy Dates: 11/11/2021 - 12/12/2021.

Estimated Ship Date: Q2 2022


US: ThocKeys(You are Here!)

UK: Hand Engineering

EU: Keygem

AU: SwitchKeys

CA: AlphaKeys



JP: BaseKeys

South America: Fancy Customs


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