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DCS WOB - Extras

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DCS WOB - Extras
DCS WOB - Extras
DCS WOB - Extras
DCS WOB - Extras
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DCS WOB - Extras
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White on Black is one of the classics, this set features the traditional DCS Gorton Alphas, with a comprehensive kitting not found in the WoB sets found on PMK.  And if you want a pop of color? the RGB Kit has you covered.


Manufacturer: Signature Plastics

Material: ABS

Profile: DCS Profile 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 4

Kits Available:

  • Base Kit
  • RGB Kit
  • Spacebars Kit
  • VIM Kit
  • 40s Kit
  • Extension Kit
  • 10u Kit


US: ThocKeys(You are Here!)

UK: Hand Engineering

EU: Eloquent Clicks

AU: All Caps

CA: ApexKeyboards

KR: SwagKeys

ME: SandKeys

JP: BaseKeys

CN: zFrontier

SEA: HexKeyboards

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