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Tecsee Stabilizer Kit

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The tecsee stabilizers come in a rainbow of colors (Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple, Clear and Smokey) and each kit includes 4x2u stabiliziers, 1x7u stabilizer and 1x6.25u stabiilizer.  In theory that means one kit can outfit a 60%, 65%, or 75% if you split backspace and right shift (only need stabilizer for left shift, enter and either a 6.25u or 7u spacebar).  

  • Manufacturer: Tecsee
  • Housing Material: Nylon
  • Wire: Stainless Steel
  • Screw: Stainless Steel
  • Washers: Included
  • Wires Included: 4x2u, 1x6.25u and 1x7u
  • Number of Housings Included: 6 pairs (enough for 6 stabiilizers)
  • Pre-Clipped: Yes