Group Buy Updates

Group Buy/Pre-Order Updates

Simplify Wave and Coding Deskmats: 

The deskmats have arrived, we have found way higher than expected QC issues.  This appears to affect all vendors and we are working with the manufacturer to get replacements made to replace the affected mats.  Once we have a new timeline we will send an update email and update here as well. 

Nov 9th Update: We are still working with the manufacturer on a resolution, they are dragging their feet on it.

Dec 22nd Update: We are ordering replacements from a new manufacturer.

ePBT Scandi:

Group Buy is now closed; keycaps have been invoiced and paid, the latest deskmat sample has been approved and invoice paid. Preorders for some kits are now open.

12/22 Update; Deskmats have arrived, being QCd now and orders that were for just a deskmat will ship next week.

CosmiCat Deskmats:

All GB orders shipped. Extras now available for purchase.

Penyu and Harimau Switches:

All GB orders shipped, 2/3 of extras have been put up for sale, the other 1/3 will go up in the early new year.


Invoice has been received and paid, all kits will be made. Pre-order of some kits is now open.

Utopia Deskmats:

Deskmats have completed manufacturing and will ship to us soon.

DCS Solarized Dark:

Invoices have been paid for Keyset, Switches and Metal Novelty.





Completed Group Buys

Lumberjack PCB:

All group buy orders have shipped, extras have all sold and shipped. 

Page Last Updated December 22nd, 2021

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