EU Orders are now available again (though only certain carriers are available).  UK Orders are allowed as well, but require a $200 USD Minimum Purchase Value or will be canceled and subject to the cancelation fee.

Group Buy Updates

Group Buy/Pre-Order Updates

Simplify Wave and Coding Deskmats: 

The deskmats have arrived, we have found way higher than expected QC issues, and as such we are taking our time to go through each and every mat painstakingly, so orders will be shipping out slower than expected.  Please stay tuned for any further potential updates.

ePBT Scandi:

Group Buy is now closed; keycaps have been invoiced and paid, deskmats are in sampling. 

CosmiCat Deskmats:

Samples have been created and approved.

Penyu and Harimau Switches:

Switches have been invoiced and paid, now in production.


Group Buy is Live until September 27th.


Completed Group Buys

Lumberjack PCB:

All group buy orders have shipped, extras have all sold and shipped. 

Page Last Updated September 14th, 2021

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