Group Buy Updates

Group Buy/Pre-Order Updates

We are moving to a discord model for updates, but will try to update this monthy as well.  To find the discord it is

Simplify Wave and Coding Deskmats: 

All Group Buy Orders have been shipped, extras soon.

ePBT Scandi:

Group Buy is now closed; keycaps have been invoiced and paid, the latest deskmat sample has been approved and invoice paid. Preorders for some kits are now open.  All plastic samples have been approved, just waiting on legend color sample to be approved.  Monokei Key Narwhal have shipped to us and should arrive soon.

All Deskmat only orders have shipped.


We are arranging shipping of this set from KBDFans, we will be having it shipped by air to expedite shipping to you.

DCS Solarized Dark:

The R2 1.5u Tab Keys in the Base and Monomods kit were made with the incorrect legends, so they have to be remade.  Siganture Plastics does not have enough material left over so they have to order new material which may take up to 7 weeks.  Once we have a new date we will provide it.

ePBT Witch:

All invoices have been paid, waiting for keyset production to complete, once we have an estimated date from KBDFans we will provide it.  Hibi caps have shipped to all orders that only ordered a Hibi cap.

Domikey Midnight:

Set is shipping to our warehouse in China and then will ship to us.

DCS Reaper:

Signature Plastics invoice has been paid by ThocKeys.  Plastic samples being sent to hibi for color matching. Deskmats have arrived, and all deskmat only orders have shipped, extras of deskmats soon.

DCS Vert:

All kits will be made, currently tabulating totals for submittal to Signature Plastics for invoice.




Completed Group Buys

Lumberjack PCB:

All group buy orders have shipped, extras have all sold and shipped. 

CosmiCat Deskmats:

All GB orders shipped. Extras now available for purchase.

Penyu and Harimau Switches:

All GB orders shipped, all extras have been sold.

Utopia Deskmats:

Complete, Extras Available Now.

Page Last Updated July 28th, 2022

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