Updates and Upcoming - April

UpdatesSwitchesKingfishers are still in stock though stock continue to move at a steady pace. Due to an issue found with the current mixture of all Tecsee PME material switches (as of a few weeks ago) there is sometimes some excess material in the rails, it does not affect functionality, and can be removed with the edge of a hard object if you find it affects smoothness.  Because we want to make sure our customers are happy we are providing 30% more switches with every order for free.  …
Apr 28th 2021 Aiwanei

Kingfisher Switches In Stock Soon plus other upcoming products.

We have just received word that the Kingfisher switches are making their way through customs clearance and should be on our doorstep soon.  Once they arrive we will try to turn the existing orders around within a day or two.We also are going to be opening a Group Buy for the Lumberjack Split Ortho 5x12 PCB Kit from Peejah soon. This through hole component PCB fits in standard 60% cases for maximum compatibility.  JTK Max trays are on their way, though since they are coming by sea, …
Mar 10th 2021

Welcome to the ThocKeys Soft Launch

We are happy that you have found your way to our brand new store during our soft launch period.Who we are:ThocKeys is a new mechanical keyboard vendor, that is trying to bring a wide range of products, including some of the more obscure and newer options from various manufacturers.  The ThocKeys name is a combination of the oh so wonderful "Thock/Thocc" sound you get on a finely tuned keyboard and the "Keys" we use to type.Products In Stock:We have a selection of switches, switch films, swi …
Nov 26th 2020 Tim - Aiwanei

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