Posted by Aiwanei on Apr 28th 2021

Updates and Upcoming - April



Kingfishers are still in stock though stock continue to move at a steady pace. Due to an issue found with the current mixture of all Tecsee PME material switches (as of a few weeks ago) there is sometimes some excess material in the rails, it does not affect functionality, and can be removed with the edge of a hard object if you find it affects smoothness.  Because we want to make sure our customers are happy we are providing 30% more switches with every order for free.  This means instead of a 10 pack of switches it is a 13 pack and lowers the price per switch to just over $0.42 each. 

We have restocked TTC Bluish Whites and can now offer them at a slightly reduced price.

Aqua Kings are currently out of stock, but we may get more.  Please let us know if you are interested.

Group Buys

The Lumberjack PCB Group Buy is coming along, we have received word from Peej that he has received all of the PCBs and just waiting for additional components to arrive before he can ship them out to us.


Group Buys

The Coding and Simplify Wave Deskmats by will soon open up for group buy, they are available in a number of colors.  You can check out the geekhack IC here:

We are very excited to announce that ePBT Scandi will be our first keyset group buy.  We look forward to seeing this amazing set by Fredington succeed.  Date is not set yet, but please checkout the IC on geekhack and fill out the form if you are interested

We are working on a deskmat series, starting with CosmiCats, and will soon have an IC up to gauge interest and feedback, look forward to seeing that on reddit and geekhack soon.

2021 is the YoTS (year of the 60%) and in the spirit of this, we are working on our first in house keyboard design.  This project is still a ways out, but we are very excited to share with you and find out what people think when it is finally revealed.

In Stock

The keyboard cases are FINALLY about to ship, due to a last minute change, there was a slight delay in manufacturing, but that has now been completed and they are just preparing to ship and should soon be on the way.

The teased in stock DCS set has been delayed by Signature Plastics due to a plastics shortage, they are now hopefully going to ship to us mid May instead of mid April, look out for this soon.

JTK Max Trays are here, and will hopefully be up for sale in early May.  To celebrate this new product for a limited time they will be available at a discounted price of $22.50.

SP-Star Glow in the Dark Switches in a Blue Housing with Yellow Stem are also here and will soon be going up for sale, be on the lookout as these are limited.


We are always looking for new and interesting products to carry or help bring to market, if you are looking for someone to carry something in your area or have a product and are looking for a vendor, feel free to email us through our contact us form