Mar 10th 2021

Kingfisher Switches In Stock Soon plus other upcoming products.

We have just received word that the Kingfisher switches are making their way through customs clearance and should be on our doorstep soon.  Once they arrive we will try to turn the existing orders around within a day or two.

We also are going to be opening a Group Buy for the Lumberjack Split Ortho 5x12 PCB Kit from Peejah soon. This through hole component PCB fits in standard 60% cases for maximum compatibility.  

JTK Max trays are on their way, though since they are coming by sea, we don't expect them until the end of April at the earliest. 

After a few delays, the keyboard bag production is underway, expected late April to mid May at this point.

DCS Nightfall is coming, this instock Dark Grey and Teal set is currently projected to arrive mid April.