Lumberjack PCB Kit

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Due to overwhelming demand and in the interest in making sure QC Standards will be met by Peej, the group buy has been closed early. 


The Lumberjack PCB designed by Peejeh in The Netherlands, is a split 5x12 ortholinear keyboard PCB kit made with through hole components only, compatible with 60% tray mount keyboard cases.

The kit will include one PCB, all the required components, and hardware for the component cover. Does not include case, keycaps, switches or stabalizers.

More information on the Lumberjack:

ATMEGA328p pre-flashed with bootloader and QMK firmware.


  • Split 12x5 ortholinear layout
  • Grid and 2x2u space supported
  • Acrylic component cover
  • Mini-USB or USB type C connector (with C-C support)
  • Optional FR4 switch plates
  • QMK Firmware with V-USB
  • Open Source Hardware
  • Optional JST header for connection with daughterboard (does not come with JST connector)

Kit Contents:

PCB (choice of colour)
MCU pre-flashed with bootloader
Mini USB connector
Acrylic component cover
Screws and standoffs for cover

Optional extras:

USB-C connector
FR4 plates

THIS IS A KEYBOARD PCB KIT. You will require switches, case, caps, etc. and soldering of all the components.

Questions? Reach out via Discord DM (peejeh#8426).

The Group Buy for this will run from Monday March 15th and will end Monday March 29th.  They are expected to start shipping Late June 2021.

Please note, since this is a Group Buy item, any other items ordered with this, will not ship until all items in the order are able to be shipped together.